Restoration of the Canals


The results of the Engineering Feasibility Study into the possible restoration of the canals, conducted by the consultant engineers Atkins, were officially launched by Ed Balls, the then Labour MP for the Normanton constituency, at the Waterton Park Hotel (Walton Hall), on Friday 3rd November 2006.

The primary recommendations of the 250+ page report are as follows:

In order to fulfil these recommendations, the following should be undertaken:

You can download the Launch notes used by Ed Balls in Adobe pdf format below, view  the PowerPoint presentation† (as web pages) given by Pat Moss, the Project Manager for Atkins, and you can read the official post-launch Press release. See also the revised Maps page.

† Unfortunately, the PowerPoint presentation may only render correctly in MS Internet Explorer.

If you would prefer to save the documents to your hard disc first, or if you are having problems displaying them in your browser, right-click over the pdf icon and select the option appropriate to your web browser - eg Save Target As..., Save Link As..., Save Link Target As... Mac IE users press and hold the mouse button, and select Save Link.

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