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The Barnsley, Dearne & Dove Canals Trust is working in partnership to reinstate the two derelict canals which form the missing Yorkshire Waterways link between the river Calder at Wakefield in West Yorkshire, and the Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation at Swinton in South Yorkshire. The town of Barnsley lies at the midway point in this missing link, where the two canals join.

Once restored, the Barnsley Canal and the Dearne & Dove Canal would form a broad canal ring, in conjunction with the Sheffield & South Yorkshire Navigation, the New Junction Canal, the main line of the Aire & Calder Navigation, and the Wakefield branch of the Aire & Calder Navigation (including sections of the river Calder). See the Maps page for a diagram of the northern area network, and detailed maps of the local canals.

Parts of the Barnsley and Dearne & Dove Canals are still intact, whilst others have been filled in, and in some places even built over. However, we in the Trust believe that our enthusiasm and determination to succeed, combined with the help and support of our partner organisations, make this reinstatement achievable. The recent restorations of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and the Rochdale Canal show just what can be done.

The Trust is a member of the Barnsley Canals Consortium, a grouping of Local Authorities, the Inland Waterways Association, the Royston and Carlton Community Partnership, and other interested bodies. The Consortium appointed consultant engineers Atkins to carry out a detailed feasibility study of the restoration, and this was published in November 2006. (See the News page.)

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